What I Know

There are many truths and beliefs I have learned along the way. Some personal, some professional but there is nothing more important than the truth of believing in yourself and finding your sacred calling. The sweet spot that manifests itself when you find your calling is healing and full of hope. Some call it the flow. Whatever you call it – you will not ever be happy with second best, with a lesser calling as you were called into being for a purpose. You must always listen to that small voice in your heart that whispers your name and beckons you into the fullness of life, into that adventure, into the journey for something more. We are constantly being beckoned into a greater place yet we are asked to be content with where we are.  I know what I know, and I do not care any longer if anyone agrees with me, that is freedom!

  • I know that women can be a catalyst for change
  • I know that men are part of the equation to help empower women globally
  • I know that healed people have the power to transform themselves, families, cities, communities, and ultimately the world.
  • I know that I was created for a specific purpose
  • I know that the world needs what I have to offer


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