Things I Love

I am a lover of all things beautiful and creative. As a child when I shopped with my mother around stroller age she tells stories of going into some stores, and me covering my eyes, exclaiming “this makes my eyes hurt”, then going into other stores and saying “this makes my eyes happy”.  I still use these phrases today when describing great  products or poor design.

I have been influenced over the years by my mother who has a catering business and  from this have developed a love for interior design and entertaining. I collect many of the things that make my eyes and heart joyful such as vintage hats, vintage textiles, vintage clothing including handbags, global antique jewelry,  antique furniture, Suzani’s, Kaftans, blocks for block printing and a few more things.  This love for all things global has me going off the beaten path and traveling dirt roads in every country I visit for a unique treasure to bring home. Here are some things that make my eyes happy, hope they do the same for you. Girl shops globe!








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