My Day Job

I spend my days leading and working together with an incredible group of men and women at Bajalia International Group. We design and develop collections of jewelry, home and fashion accessories, all fair trade and  handmade in some of the most incredible countries in the world.  These same places also happen be emerging economies and some of the places that are the most difficult for women.  We get to create beautiful products while at the same time empowering beautiful women.  We sell them on HSN, The Shopping Channel, QVC, and on our own website. We are in the works to start selling our products to major retailers this year.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, this is still what I would be doing, just at a larger scale. My friend says, only I “could have talked God into having a job where I get to shop all over the world”.  Well, there is much more to my job than that, but she is right about me being pretty persuasive. It hasn’t been easy but I have found what I was created to do using every skill and talent I have, as well as many that I do not. For those things I have friends and co-workers. Together we create, connect, collaborate, communicate, and mobilize to make lasting change in the world. Jobs change everything. I know because it happened to me.

And yes, fashion and design can change the world! If I can do it with my fashion and design skills so can you!

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