Giving Back

I never knew when I said my first yes to being a volunteer photographer for a cross cultural trip for a non-profit how my life would change. I encourage you to say yes to giving back when you are asked, you never know what that simple step would do. I still try to give back first to my own non-profit initiative as a part of Bajalia International Group and then to others. I am very careful with what I devote my time, talent, and money to. Here are some of the organizations that I am involved in.

  • Vital Voices
  • Woman in the World Summit
  • BPeace
  • Artisan Alliance  –  Learn more
  • Aspen Institute
  • Athena Powerlink
  • Rollins College SESI Initiative
  • University of Central Florida – Launch Pad
  • Sustainatopia
  • Rally Makers

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