About Me

As a Palestinian – American woman I saw more than my fair share of violence to women. I also saw how one generation can be the driver for change in a family, tribe and community. My grandmother was married at 17, my mother at 16 and after I received my first marriage proposal at 15, I was brave enough to imagine a different future for myself. Why – because I got my first job at 14 and I saw the power of putting money in a woman’s hands starting with me. I am now a social entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Bajalia International Group, a collaboration of for-profit and non-profit, helping women become catalysts for change through job creation.  I was as named one of “150 Women Who Shake the World” by Newsweek-Daily Beast for my work. My leadership and passion to use design as a vehicle for development to solve some of the most pressing social issues for women is what keeps me inspired. I dream of a future where together we can fight poverty, human trafficking, lack of education for women, and child marriages all through job creation. I have been blessed to have accumulated a great resume and skills that make all of the things I love come together for a greater purpose. I have been a Wardrobe Stylist, Product Developer, Chief Creative Officer,  Producer,  Fashion Director, Fashion Editor, Vice President in Finance and Commercial lending, and now CEO of my own company. If you want the details, check out my resume and client list.

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