> Product development and sample review

>Off to a visit with Bakhtnazera , Suria and Rahima, three Bpeace associates, as we headed over to a shop owned by Bakhtnazera we were greeted by Laila and Suria, a few minutes into our arrival. Suria has a crochet company exporting products to the US and has a contract with US retailers greeted us with an invitation to her daughters wedding which would be Wednesday night. We were already scheduled to fly to Mazar and that flight only happens a few times a week, and we had already scheduled a meeting with the widows on Thursday. We were so disappointed Susanne and I were really ready for a party Afghan style. Maybe next time. Debbie is reviewing new product samples for inspiring the asociates with ideas. She also gave them chalk pencils so that they would be able to use them on fabrics to draw designs instead of the pen and ink that is traditionally used here. A lesson that has been taught many, many times here unfortunately. We looked at samples we brought from India, magazines we brought from the US and patterns. We ordered a few samples to review when we return from Mazar.

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Passionate award winning world changer and activist for women and social enterprise. Strategic thought leader and speaker versed in all areas of global development and international business. As a global CEO I love training leaders, pioneering initiatives, crossing cultures, starting up things, creating jobs and telling those stories.

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