Chaila – An Oasis in the Valley

We have found an oasis in this barren land.  We spent part of our first day in Kabul at Chaila.  Chiala is Dari for “arbor.”  This is an amazing coffee house recently opened by an American.  Real Lattes, hamburgers, smoothies, tuna fish sandwiches and muffins make up some of the fare.  It’s a huge place with a courtyard and entire backyard with tables and chairs.

Susanne was most excited about seeing CNN in English and having wireless access with five full bars!  It is a great place to meet with people and plan our work here. Already today we met with the group from Memphis Friends Society who are here to do a business training tomorrow.  We will begin our morning observing this training with Afghan business and government executives.

We also met with Rina at Ora International to talk about the plan for the self-help groups and how to take them to the next level.  We met Quedsia who is the Afghan leader for these groups and brainstormed and planned how to conduct the training next week.  We were able to get a SIM card for my Treo here so I can be reached and mobile.  We talked to Laila at BPeace office in Kabul, but so far we are unable to meet due to the Holiday today.  We will meet her tomorrow after the training session to plan our time with the BPeace associates.  I think we are going to find ourselves taking coffee breaks here quite often between appointments.

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Passionate award winning world changer and activist for women and social enterprise. Strategic thought leader and speaker versed in all areas of global development and international business. As a global CEO I love training leaders, pioneering initiatives, crossing cultures, starting up things, creating jobs and telling those stories.

2 thoughts on “Chaila – An Oasis in the Valley

  1. Hi,I love your blog! Know you must be happy to have found your Chiala, sounds like a unexpected find.’Is the Memphis Friends Society from Tennessee or Egypt?Best to all,Pam


  2. Susanne, I’ll have to send Debbie the picture of us girls having coffee in Amsterdam. After two weeks in Africa you were soaking up that European java like it was the last drop on the planet (with a BIG HUGE HAM OF A SMILE =)). Should have known you would “nose” out the good beans in, of all places, “Afghanistan”. Glad you’re enjoying your time. The CNN thing did give me a wonderful chuckle.


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