Passports, Visas, and a Pregnant Pause

It is no small feat to get visas for all of these places at the same time. We are fortunate to have have a friend who walked our passports through the embassies in Washington. Patti is 6 months pregnant and has gotten a lot of favor along the way. Let me think: a pregnant, hormonal woman and the embassies of Kenya, Afghanistan and India; what a great combination. Thank you Patti, you are the greatest! We will have them a whole 4 days before we leave if all goes as planned.

Published by debbiefarah

Passionate award winning world changer and activist for women and social enterprise. Strategic thought leader and speaker versed in all areas of global development and international business. As a global CEO I love training leaders, pioneering initiatives, crossing cultures, starting up things, creating jobs and telling those stories.

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