Bajalia Trading Company International Development Trip

We invite you to walk this walk with us to India, Afghanistan and several regions on the continent of Africa including Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda as we visit old friends, and make new ones. This trip is global in scope and purpose. We will be developing products, training women’s self-help groups, working with associates from Business Council for Peace and encouraging and casting vision with our partners and entrepreneurs overseas. We will also be interviewing new Bajalia staff for in-country offices along the way. We wil be leaving Orlando August 6, and returning September 10.

Published by debbiefarah

Passionate award winning world changer and activist for women and social enterprise. Strategic thought leader and speaker versed in all areas of global development and international business. As a global CEO I love training leaders, pioneering initiatives, crossing cultures, starting up things, creating jobs and telling those stories.

2 thoughts on “Bajalia Trading Company International Development Trip

  1. so glad to see… from Vail Colorado that my friend, Susanne and the gang arrived safely and were “treated” for the trip out. We’re thinking of you… Tami


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